Quick Bites: Hot Sauce Pulled Chicken

The élan with which true aficionados attack a steaming platter of Buffalo wings is at once fascinating and terrifying. The single mindedness of their behavior – eschewing drink, napkin, and decorum – can only be understood in terms of a drug addict trying to achieve the sensation of their first “high.” Indeed, it is the endorphins released by the bucketful that try to counteract the searing pain brought on by the gluttonous consumption of capsaicin that is very much like an addict’s reaction to drugs.

Pulled chicken makes it that much easier.

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Quick Bites: Curried Pulled Chicken

Sometimes, you just have to have Indian food. You need something filling, simple, and with just the right amount of heat. Well, I do, anyway.

I don’t have a tremendous repertoire of Indian food that I cook, but I can make Vindaloo and Tiki Masala, and I get how Indian flavors work, more or less.

I’ve been into this pulled chicken thing for a while now. Basically, I take the weekly chicken that my wife uses for her Shabbat soup, and pull the breast apart along the muscle lines. What you can do with it once it’s pulled is relatively endless, and since it’s already cooked, whatever you want to make won’t take that long.
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Q & A: Meat with Bones

I order meat from my son-in-law’s chavruta. He gets the meat from South America and it is usually very good. One of the items on the brochure is called Spare Rib Fingers and it is listed as #9. However, with the exception of one time, it is never available. He asked why and they said something about it being illegal because of the meat being too close to the bone (???). Do you have any idea about what this situation is?

Well, illegal it isn’t, but impractical it very much is.
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