Preparing and Cooking A #4 Shoulder Roast

If you’re familiar with my Meat Cuts by the Numbers chart, you’ll probably recognize this cut no matter where you came from before moving to Israel. For anyone that likes a nice,juicy, red-in-the-middle roast beef, it’s as easy to prepare here as it is anywhere.

There is a bit of work to do when preparing this type roast beef. The layer of silverskin on the top of the roast needs to be removed, or the roast will shrink into a meatball when cooking. Using a sharp slicing knife, separate a corner of the silverskin from the meat. Holding firmly with your fingers (and with the aid of a towel of your hands are too slippery), slice the silverskin away with a firm back and forth motion while angling the blade up into the silverskin. This will enable you to remove the sliverskin with minimal loss of meat from the roast.

If you don’t have butcher’s twine available, when putting it in the pan for the oven, set the roast on its narrow side. Push the roast down into a rounder shape so it cooks more evenly.