Hebrew English Poultry Chart

Posted Wednesday, May 30th, 2012
By Marc Gottlieb

Chicken is the most consumed protein in Israel by far. Of course, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t enough confusion in the simplest of meats that a little help wouldn’t hurt.

I’ve prepared this chart so you can name the different types of poultry available as well as the names of the various cuts and parts.


Singular Hebrew
Plural Hebrew
Transliterated singular, plural
ChickenעוףעופותOhf, ohfot
Spring ChickenפרגיתפרגיותPargit, pargiyot
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תרנגול) הודו)תרנגולי) הודו)(Tarnigol) Hodu, (tarnigolei) Hodu
Cornish HenעופיוןעופיונותOhfyon, ohfyonot
DuckברווזברווזיםBarvaz, barvazim
GooseאווזאווזיםAvaz, avazim
QuailשליושלוויםSlav, slavim
HeartלבלבבותLev, levavot
WholeשלםשלמיםShalem, shleimim
BreastחזהחזותChazeh, chazot
ThighירךירכייםYerech, yarkayyim
LegשוקשוקייםShuk, shukayim
Leg QuarterכרעכרעייםKerah, karayim
WingכנףכנפייםKanaf; k’nafayim
NeckגרוןגרונותGaron, garonot
Boneless ThighפרגיתפרגיותPargit, pargiyot
BoneעצםעצמותEtzem, atzmot
CutletשניצלשניצליםShnitzel, shnitzelim

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  1. [...] in my brisket. ·         No russet/Idaho potatoes here. Poultry: Marc Gottlieb’s poultry chart. Pizza sauce: יחין makes great lasagna and pizza sauce and they are very affordable. Rubbing [...]

  2. Philip Trauring says:

    Are you sure about Mallard? I believe it's actually Mulard, which is a different animal (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mulard). I've asked in restaurants about it, and they say it's a cross-bred duck, which fits with Mulard, not Mallard.

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